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I guarantee that you will reach your goal with the full Nutrition 101 Challenge program or I'll give back every penny you spent on the program.

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What Are Others Saying?
Real clients, real results. 

Janna Caponera

I have always tried to eat very healthy and have always exercised. I just wanted to be able to get the help needed to achieve the goal I have to gain more muscle and have lower body fat. 

Jonathan Hernandez

I would refer this to anyone whom I know that is wanting to lose some weight, or gain some. They should definitely get on this program because it can supply you with knowledge for the rest of your life.

Kyle Beasly

I experienced very impressive and fast results. I got to my goal very quickly. Y’all helped me get down to 12 percent body fat In 6 weeks before baseball season.


The nutrition 101 challenge has offered free seminars that made learning how to reach my goals a lot more comfortable than other companies.
The education part has been very good and he teaches swiftly and in a way anyone can understand.

Joel Shea

I chose y’all because Mason is a cool guy, he is very relatable and he knows how to teach a teen. He also knows what he’s doing very well.
I now understand how good nutrition makes you feel much better, and I will apply it to my everyday life with the 80/20 rule.

Sheryl Shea

This program has taught my son not only the importance of nutrition, but has first hand experienced the benefits on every level.
I am very confident that my son now understands his total nutrition, and will be able to better take care of himself throughout college 

Ashley Gomez

The nutrition 101 challenge is an extremely good program for anyone trying to reach a fitness goal. The education was great, and the workouts he provided me with were great. I now understand nutrition well enough to reach my goals.

Jarred Williams

I read Mason's book and decided that this was the program for both of my kids.

Epi Bramble

My daughter has always had a good athletic drive. She needed some help and extra motivation with nutrition.

Shawn Lille

My main concern was body fat. I dropped 6% in 3.5 weeks. Also, he has much more energy.
Working with Mason has been very easy. Any questions along the way have been answered in a very timely and descriptive manner.

Talan Bounds

I have no issues at all and am very comfortable with this Mason working with my kids 

Alicia Jones

This program provides an incredible foundation for moving forward with nutrition and all over physical health. I would definately refer this coursse to anyone

Ericka Harrison

Mason is very good at connecting with his clients and making sure he understands what they want to achieve.

Isreal Garza
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