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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nutrition 101 Challenge?
The Nutrition 101 challenge is a program that is centered around helping you to not just understand how to use your nutrition to achieve the body transformation you want, but to also develop life changing healthy habits by providing education, resources, and motivation for anyone looking to jumpstart their weight loss or lean mass gain goals and live a healthier life. Your lessons will be online and your physical activity will be guided by advice but ultimately up to you to make the time to workout. We'll be holding you accountable

Why should I join?
To reach your goals – no matter how big or small, we will help you to build an effective weight loss/ lean mass gain plan to achieve your body transformation.
• To learn how to live better day to day.
• To get the right support and helpful information.
• To be a part of a community of like-minded individuals – everyone in the Nutrition 101 challenge is going through the same experience as you.
• To have a clear understanding of your body and life's nutritional needs.

What is included in the Nutrition 101 Challenge?
• Guided video lectures (weekly) through what food and nutrition is. Some of the lectures are interactive and some are just FYI to help you understand better. 
• 16 weeks of expert nutrition coaching as it pertains to your unique goals.
• Initial goal-setting session at kickoff to help provide a personalized/ structured action plan as well as nutritional plan.
• Accountability through multiple check-in and meetings with your coach.
• Assigned workouts every week.
• Your copy of This is the Skinny on your Diet Plan (second edition).
• Plus, much more!

What if I can’t make it to every session?
That’s okay! We understand. Life happens. We’ve built this challenge with that in mind. The real participation is applying to your life what you are learning during the weekly lessons. You can't really "miss" a lesson since all the lessons are all online. You just get caught up when you have a chance. Only, you must make sure that you get online at least once a week to review your lessons. The real participation isn't going through the lessons anyway. The real participation is applying what you learn in the lessons to your life during the week. Getting to

a physical activity part of your week at least 3 times a week is only a bonus. 

How many people are in each class?
Since the lessons are online you will be at your own pace as if you are the only one in the class. Be rest assured that many others have started at the same time you did, but it's not likely that you'll ever meet anyone that's on your current learning path since anyone from anywhere in the world can sign up at the same time. 

How long is each lesson?
The length of each lesson will vary as there may be activities to do, questions to answer, plans to make, etc., but in general you should plan an hour each time you sit down to do a lesson.


Do I have to go to a gym too, or can I just do the lessons?
You are greatly encouraged to make time (about 2.5 hours a week) for physical activity as the American Heart Association suggests this as the weekly minimum for a healthier heart. But, the good news is that you don't have go to a gym to achieve this. Physical activity is one of the "gray" areas of health that is made much more clear through this course. Go for a 30 min. walk 5 times a week. Play a game of tennis, take the kids or grand kids out for a short stroll in the park or bowling. Moving (intentionally) of just about any kind for about 30 min. is all the minimum exercise you need. You'd be surprised what "physical activity" actually means in terms of health. The course is built to work with participation of both parts, lessons and physical activity. But, if you only make the lessons, as long as you make the changes to your nutrition and behaviors as you learn, that is the bare minimum and most necessary part.

How do I sign up?
You can sign up by  using the "Get Registered" button at the top of this page or send an email with your contact information and details or by clicking here.

Do you give refunds?
Sorry, there are no refunds for any reason. All sales are final.


What if I currently have a or have had an injury that may limit my physical participation?
That’s okay. Your program director/ coach will be able to modify your personal movement requirements based on your physical needs. He will use the information he gains from the movement screen that you will do.

What if my injury is new, or what if it’s my back?
That’s okay too. A serious injury doesn’t mean a life of unhealthy decisions and movement patterns. It’s not a prison sentence and your coach will show you how. First you will go through a movement screen and from that information he/she will show you how to move.


I don't have a gym membership anywhere, can I still participate?
Having access to a gym is a very helpful part of the Nutrition 101 Challenge, but it's certainly not completely necessary. If that’s the only thing stopping you from achieving body transformation, weight loss, lean mass gain, or just a better life then I encourage you to talk to us before canceling yourself out. You'd be surprised as to what counts as physical activity. There are almost always other options available.

Will I have to take before and after photos?
“Have to” is a strong term. You only "have to" if it was written in our agreement together. You don’t have to per se, but we strongly encourage and support you doing so. You should take them at home in appropriate attire. Three photos will be needed. A front shot, a side shot, and a back shot. The shots should be full body view, taken in the same place of the home or building with the same backdrop. That way contrasting details from beginning to end are noticeable.

P.S. we have some agreements that require photos, but you'll certainly know you are getting into one of those kinds of agreements before you do.